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The Ego and the Eco: Alex Menrisky and the Identity Politics of Ecology

April 2, 2021

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In this month’s episode, Jemma and Brandon sit down with Alex Menrisky, lecturer in English and Communication at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, to discuss his recent book Wild Abandon: American Literature and the Identity Politics of Ecology. What follows is a fascinating conversation on the historical ties of environmentalism to psychoanalysis and counterculture movements.

We apologize for the audio/technical issues in this month’s episode. We did our best to clean them up, but there are a few moments where you might hear some slight crackles, pops, or echoes. Those shouldn’t distract you from what is still a wonderful episode!

Wild Abandon:

Use Discount Code WIAB2020 for 20% off at Cambridge U Press (Good while code is active)

Twitter: @alexmenrisky


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Episode recorded February 20, 2021.


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