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Two Years Strong and Growing

July 7, 2022

Another episode and another year older! That’s right, this episode marks TWO years of ASLE EcoCast! Thank you so much to everyone who’s joined us on this ride and to our incredible guests for sharing their awesome work with us.

This month is a special episode just to celebrate: we have excerpts from a wonderful short story by Cynthia Zhang, “what the water gave.” After Cynthia introduces us to the story and her work, Lindsay does an excellent reading of the story (with a little character voicework help from Brandon). 

For more on Cynthia: 

Twitter: @cz_writes


Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth:

Cynthia’s debut novel, After the Dragons: 

ASLE EcoCast:

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Episode recorded June 28, 2022.

Excerpts of “what the water gave” recite with permission from Speculatively Queer.


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